I'm Ashley Lauren.

I am a fine art photographer and artist in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I live with my favorite guy ever and our two pups. By day, I'm a software engineer, but in my NEED create beautiful art work, my photography business was born in 2016. All these years in to this journey, and I am amazed at how this work has taken shape in a way that I never expected.

My style.

My style is artistic, romantic, timeless, and soft. Timeless images tell a story, where life is documented in such a way that one can relate to it. I love photos where my clients look and feel exactly like the best versions of themselves that they know so well. I offer guidance one what to do with your hands, and where to move your chin, but stiff, perfect poses aren't going to be what you get out of a session with me.

My Reason.

The statement "I NEED to create art" is an understatement. When I was young, I was so desperately shy. I'd hide behind my mother, as she did the talking for me when interacting with almost any stranger. I quickly became an "art kid" in my quiet demeanor, expressing my world through pastels, paints, and eventually photography.

I've since outgrown some of that shyness, but on some level still desire a way to connect with others. Empathy is essential to portraiture photography. I think photographing people is, for me, the best way to show somebody something about themselves—either the person I photograph or the person looking—that maybe they didn’t already know. Maybe it’s presumptuous, but that’s the desire. I feel like I’m attending to people when I’m photographing them, and I think I understand people better because it requires me to look intently at them as a person and document their beauty.


"Ashley was fabulous! She had great communication with us about timeline questions, and what she needed from me. We are SO happy we booked her!" 

Lexington, Kentucky

Megan & Garret


"I am a wedding coordinator, and Ashley exceeds my expectations (and my expectations are pretty high)!"

Louisville, Kentucky

Lauri Netherton, All About You Celebrations. LLC, 2019


"I just want to say that this women is amazing! She makes you feel beautiful!

My family never had family photos & even on the windiest day she made our family’s picture look beautiful!

Highly recommend especially if you have children❤️"

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jessica Hardy

Images are the VISUAL stories of Our past

photos that Last Longer Than a Lifetime

These photos are the closest thing to a time machine that I will ever have, and with them there is something something special about the people and the places in these photos.

There’s no better way to discover something about your past than to hold, touch and explore your history through old family photos. It's the century-old, timeless images that help you live in a moment that your great grand-parents once experienced - the day they got married.  The image of your father asleep on the couch, hold you as a baby. Or you as a child, smiling real big on a tree swing. 

Timeless is what I aim for.