Milestone Session guide

Flow of the session.
We always start with portraits in one outfit for about 15 minutes. Then we change into the second outfit or diaper for about 15-20 for the cake.  I provide portrait outfits in the client closet, please let me know if there is a specific outfit you'd like your little one to wear for their portraits.

Scheduled Sessions.
Currently, I only offer milestone sessions in the studio on Friday mornings. 

The cake.
If you are planning a cake or food smash, remember I do not provide the cake or food. I can offer some recommendations for local bakers if needed. I recommend avoiding red, black, or brown icing if possible (I know sometimes it is unavoidable) as once the cake is smashed, it can resemble blood and poop. Please expose baby to cake/food of a similar flavor and consistency prior to the session so they are familiar.

Babies teeth - it happens!
If you feel baby is teething, please give pain relief to your baby before they come. It is no fun for a teething baby in pain to do a session like this.  

The Studio.
I shoot all Milestone / Birthday portraits in a local studio called Clay Venues in downtown Colorado Springs. Please arrive on time but not exceptionally early to your session, as the studio may be locked before then.

Set Up.
Look through images on my website and let me know beforehand any themes, props, setups, particular colors, etc. that you have seen and would like to include and if you have an idea for something you haven’t seen me do, shoot me a note and I’ll let you know if it’s feasible. My work is soft and simple with neutral colors.


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